LEGION Inspired Weird Rare X-MEN

X-Factor #243 courtesy Marvel

Legion is the latest evolution of the X-Men on screen.

David Haller may be one of the most unlikely members of the X-Men mythos to get his own television series. In comics Professor Xavier’s son sufferers from multiple personalities each in control of one of his multiple mutant powers.

Here are five other X-Men with strange powers, tragic pasts and are odd even among mutants.

Lorna Dane/Polaris

Magneto’s daughter – that should be enough to explain why she made this list.

The green haired beauty inherited her father’s power. Lorna was a longtime girlfriend of Havok (Alex Summers) which led to heartbreak and humiliation. Alex left Lorna at the altar setting off hidden trauma. Lorna was once possessed by a psychic entity called Malice, who ran Mister Sinister’s Marauders for years even leading attacks against the X-Men. Polaris survived a Sentinel attack on Genosha that killed millions. Lorna even lost her power until Apocalypse restored her as one of his Horsemen. Manipulated by mind control, traumatic disaster survivor, bad romances and Magneto’s daughter – the Mistress of Magnetism is a fascinating powerhouse.


Tessa’s mutant power is her computer-like brain, ability to find other mutants and trigger latent mutations hidden in others. While Professor X chose some mutants to be his students, he chose Tessa to be his spy. Tessa served as Professor X’s undercover operative inside the Hellfire Club for years as Sebastian Shaw’s personal assistant. Sage is a refugee from an undisclosed war-torn country but she first encountered the Professor in Afghanistan. Storm recruited Sage for her globetrotting X-Treme X-Men team and her Hellfire Club past came back to haunt Tessa and the team.

Generation X #1 courtesy Marvel

Jonothon Starsmore/Chamber

“Jono” is a British mutant with powers of telepathy and what can be called a chamber, more like furnace of psionic energy in his body. When Jono’s power first manifested the energy exploded out of his body leaving a hole in his chest and lower face where the energy continues to burn and float out his him. Because of his disfigurement, Jono can only speak telepathically and doesn’t eat or drink. Jono’s first power surge left his girlfriend Gayle crippled. Chamber would eventually join Generation X and met other mutants physically changed by their powers. Jono would lose and regain his power, gain a new face and lose it again, be tempted by Apocalypse’s Clan Akkaba and became a teacher at the mutant school. Chamber teaches a course in coping with physical changes. Chamber was actually destroyed while fighting one of Legion’s evil personalities but was restored to life when David regained control and changed reality.



Paige Guthrie is a Southern girl but no belle. Paige is the little sister of New Mutant/X-Man Sam Guthrie aka Cannonball. Paige is a metamorph with the ability to change her form but shredding her skin. Paige can rip off her top layer of skin to reveal a second skin underneath that can be made of metals or forms of energy. Over time Paige’s skin became to molt with her skin constantly cracking and her mind began to crack. Paige developed a secondary mutation which affected her mind and memories. Paige even turned “bad” and started dating Toad and working with the Hellfire Club. The Generation X golden girl became an unstable antihero after years of shedding destabilized her mind.

Stacy X

A mutant…hooker? Miranda Leevald is covered in snake scales and she can exude pheromones which can use to stimulate body sensations and functions of other poeple. Stacy X first appeared working in a the X-Ranch, a brothel of mutants. When a hate group attacked, Stacy fought with and later joined the X-Men briefly.

Eye Boy

Yes, a mutant with eyes all over his body. The mutant eyes of Trevor Hawkins give him the power to perceive things normal humans can’t like radiation, electricity flow, magic, spells. The super sight makes him a expert marksman too. Eye Boy will be in the upcoming Generation X book.

Traumatic pasts, strange appearances and odd powers – the X-Men welcome all and that’s what makes us love ’em.

Legion airs Wednesdays at 10 pm on FX.

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