LEGION Finale Burning Questions

After a scary, mind-twisting first season Legion reached a powerhouse showdown, unveiled past lives and hinted at the future of the FX series inspired by the comic book son of Professor X.

David Haller vs. The Shadow King!

Just when you thought you a declare a winner – the audience got a series of shocks and awes.

Legion courtesy Marvel and FX

Before we break down the finale and share our big burning questions here’s a SPOILER ALERT!

If you have not seen the Legion finale yet stop reading now.



Here it comes.

The Division 3 interrogator from the first episode came back with an assault team in last week’s cliffhanger. He survived the inferno caused by Syd’s rescue of David. We learned his name is Clark, he has a husband and son.

David turns the tables on the Clark’s squad and the interrogator gets interrogated. Clark is hiding a secret camera in his eye broadcasting everything he sees back to his husband and Division 3 – including images of the Shadow King inside David which leads the presumed leader of D2 to “send in the Equinox.”

Team Byrd attempts to burn the Shadow King out of David. After an astral plane showdown, Lennie convinces Syd the only way David will be rid of him is if he chooses to leave. As David starts to die from the parasite fighting to stay inside, Syd gives David a kiss and letting Farouk inside then it jumps into Kerry. David and a possessed Kerry clash sending the parasite into the power generator room with Oliver who later drives off on his own.

David is free of the Shadow King…but he cut back to Oliver on the road…he’s not alone: Lenny is his passenger.

After the credits David and Syd’s quiet time is cut short when a tiny flying orb approaches capturing David inside. David is locked inside screaming while Syd seems very quiet after seeing her lover’s mysterious abduction.

The big burning questions:

Is this floating orb Equinox? What are D3’s plans for David now knowing how he and his mutants fought off the Shadow King?

Did the mutual threat of an entity like the Shadow King convince Clark to work with David and Team Byrd against a greater common enemy? Will Clark help get David back?

Goodbye Oliver? Is Oliver under the parasite’s power or could he have found a way to live and control Farouk?

We still never got the identity of David’s real parents? Is David the son of Professor Charles Xavier in this or another reality?

Are Oliver and Melanie Byrd inspired by anyone from comics canon? Are they really out to help or control mutants?

Will David ever be called by his comic book code-name: Legion?

Legion marked the first partnership of Fox (the X-Men film producing team) and Marvel (specifically Marvel Television Studios team) and truly evolved the superhero under Noah Hawley.

Scary. Daring. Haunting – Legion is the mutation of comic book inspired storytelling.

Legion will be back for a second season.

By Editor