The first official trailer for Justice League is here.

After a week of sneak peeks and character posters the new trailer unites DC’s most famous heroes against an otherworldly threat.

Batman, Wonder Woman recruit Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg for a mission to save the planet.

Fans see a first look at Mera, Commissioner Jim Gordon and wait for it…Parademons!

Watch and come back for our break down:

Big burning questions:

Where is Superman? The Man of Steel was killed by Doomsday in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice but the final moment of the film hinted at a resurrection. The Dark Knight experienced dreams of a ruthless Superman worshipped by an army and under the influence of a greater evil. Henry Cavill is part of the cast. The new trailer showed Lois Lane (Amy Adams) hailed as the key to everything in a vision from a future Flash to Bruce Wayne, also in BvS.

Will the united League team up to find or fight Superman?

Justice League courtesy Warner Brothers

Darkseid’s minions?

After appearing in Batman’s vision in the last film, the Parademons are in full flight and fight mode in this new trailer. These are the demonic soldiers of Darkseid, ruler of Apololips.


Ciaran Hinds is playing this infamous villain who doesn’t appear in the trailer. In comics Steppenwolf is Darkseid’s uncle and General leading his army. Is the Justice League film just a precursor to an even bigger showdown with Darkseid in the follow-up?


These super computers originate from the dimension of the New Gods (including Darkseid) and are seen again in the transformation of Victor Stone into Cyborg. Earlier footage hinted that the League will be searching for Motherboxes hidden across and under the Earth…possibly in Atlantis.

Amazons in the fight?

We saw a flash of an epic battle on what looked like an otherworldly field? It sure looked like Amazons in battle. Is this a flashback, vision of the future or will Diana’s sisters and Arthur Curry’s Atlanteans join the battle against the Parademons?

Justice League directed by Zack Snyder arrives November.

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