Jean Grey turns to Doctor Strange for help in her quest to be ready to face the Phoenix. But the X-Man’s supernatural journey took an otherworldly twist with a big revelation.

Jean Grey courtesy Marvel

JEAN GREY #6 packs a shocking punch with special guest that could ripple into the X-books and across the Marvel Legacy.

Young Jean from the past knows the Phoenix Force is coming for her. The young mutant vows to be ready for the inevitable confrontation in the solo series written by Dennis Hopeless.

Jean’s journey brought her face to face with Hope Summers, Namor, Thor, Psylocke and this week, Dr. Stephen Strange. Jean hoped The Master of the Mystic Arts could help her discover the identity of the ghostly voice haunting and guiding her.

Who is it? What could this revelation mean?

Before we continue here’s a SPOILER ALERT!

If you have not read JEAN GREY #6 stop reading now.



Here it comes.

Imagine “A Christmas Carol” but the ghostly encounters are all of X-Men past!

Jean is taken to three moments in the original Jean’s life: her birthday at the Xavier Mansion, a battle with Magneto’s Aocyltes from the X-Men first Blue and Gold era, and a clash between Jean, Scott and Emma in the NEW X-MEN era. Jean learns the spirit of the original and dead Jean has joined her on her quest.

The original Jean has been dead since the NEW X-MEN era epic PLANET X. Jean was resurrected by the Phoenix Force. Before becoming Dark Phoenix again, Jean convinced Wolverine to kill her then she ascended to The White Hot Room – imagine a Heaven for Phoenix hosts – where she became the White Phoenix of the Crown.

In GENERATIONS: THE PHOENIX, time displaced young Jean met the original Jean via The Vanishing Point.

With this encounter and Jean’s spirit now allied with Jean – how will this affect Marvel Legacy and the X-Men?

Scarlet Witch guest stars in the next issue. Will Wanda be able to communicate with the spirit of Jean?

Then PSYCH WAR begins, with young Jean vs Emma Frost, now back to her villainous ways.

Adult Jean Grey is back, in a ghostlike form, but will she return in full form? What could this mean for the timelost Jean?

With Marvel Legacy hinting as the return of classic, dead heroes – could this mean the original Jean is coming back? Could Cyclops or Professor X join her?

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