Hulk #13 courtesy Marvel
Hulk #13 courtesy Marvel

Has the Merc With a Mouth finally met his match?

Wade Wilson may have a healing factor but can he survive getting crushed by Marvel’s Green Goliath?

Just based on this cover alone, Hulk #13 is one of the most anticipated books of the month. Deadpool guest stars but he’s not exactly getting the VIP treatment.

Doc Green hires Deadpool for a special mission. Can he trust Wade?

Garry Duggan and Mark Bagley continue their run as their “Doc Green” version of the Hulk hunts other Gamma created giants.

This “breaking the fourth wall” cover by the legendary Bagley is hilarious but you can’t help wonder: who would really win a fight between Hulk and Deadpool?

Hulk #13 arrives Wednesday, March 18th.

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