Grant Morrison Reveals MULTIVERSITY

Pax Americana image courtesy DC Comics and The Hollywood Reporter

  Grant Morrison has finally unveiled his upcoming project Multiversity. Morrison previewed the 8 part story at Morrisoncon this weekend in Las Vegas. DC Comics confirmed this story will define the Multiverse for The New 52 and introduce new concepts, heroes and villains according to The Source.

  “There’s something always appealing about a Russian Superman and a vampire Batman,” Morrison tells Heat Vision. “It’s a different way  of looking at the archetypes that we’re familiar with. And I wanted to a really massive story that would be my Lord of the Rings and it would be the best thing I’ve ever done. Whether it is, I don’t know. But I’ve certainly spent a long time on it.”

  “If you’re having a war across multiple parallel realities, one way they can contact each other is to publish comic books that others can read and know what’s going on,” says Morrison. “So in each parallel reality you’ll see one of them is reading the comic that you just read the month before and finding out what happened to the good guys, giving them a chance to defeat the bad guys in the next one. They are kind of passing on, in a chain, their own adventures.”

  Pax Americana was revealed at MorrisonCon. This issue will feature the Blue Beetle, The Question and Captain Atom. These heroes are part of the group of characters known as the Charlton heroes – the company bought by DC. The Pax story involves the assassination of a president and how the Charlton characters failed. Frank Quitely will be the artist on this issue.

  “We’re taking the characters and applying it back to Watchmen and seeing what we could get. Nobody has really used those Alan Moore tricks in 25 years so it seemed right to take that very tight, controlled, self-reflecting storytelling and seeing if we can do something new with it,” Morrison explains.

  Morrison is leaving monthly books – Batman Incorporated and Action Comics but this is Multiversity will not be his final superhero project.

“All I ever said is  I’m not doing the monthly comics once I finish up Batman and Superman. I’ll never leave superhero stuff because I really enjoy doing it.

For more of his interview here’s the The Hollywood Reporter Heat Vision link.

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