GeekGirlCon Update: Female Power In Comics

Avengers Assemble courtesy

  One of the big topics at GeekGirlCon in Seattle this past weekend was the lack of female comic book writers and lead characters. Somebody is listening. This week two creative announcements should geek girls and (any fan of great writing and characters) celebrating.

 Marvel Comics revealed Kelly Sue DeConnick will be the new writer on Avengers Assemble. This a newer comic book designed to appeal to fans of the blockbuster movie.

 “These are the AC/DC Avengers. When I saw the movie, I managed to keep in together until Iron Man came onscreen and Back in Black blared. I bounced up and down in my chair. That’s the moment I’m writing for,” declares DeConnick. 

  DeConnick will be the first female writer on an Avengers title.

  “I’m very interested in making sure women knowing that wanting to work in this industry is not peculiar. There is not anything in heroism or sci-fi that is exclusively masculine. The hero ideal is as important to my daughter as it is to my son. But I don’t want to represent all women in comics…particularly because I blow things sometimes!” says DeConnick.

  For longtime Executive Editor it’s about having the right writer on Marvel’s biggest franchise.

  “It’s a nice factoid, but I didn’t hire a woman to write Avengers, I hired Kelly Sue to write Avengers for the same reasons I’ve hired and will continue to hire writers,” said Brevoort

  DeConnick will add Spider-Woman and Captain Marvel to the team. Last month Ms. Marvel was promoted to Captain in a brand new book written by DeConnick too. Captain Marvel #1 was a sold out smash.

Journey Into Mystery #646 courtesy Marvel

  Marvel made another announcement this week. Kathyrn Immonen will take over writing Journey Into Mystery with issue #646. Lady Sif will be the new lead character of this book set in the Thor universe. Kid Loki was the previous lead character. Lady Sif is an Asgardian warrior and Thor’s great love.

  “We talked at length as far as what her story could be, and it came down to a single question: What does she want? For Sif, what she wants above all is to be a better warrior. How far would she go for that? She makes some terrible decisions and puts a lot of people in peril,” Immonen spoke of her protagonist.

 At GeekGirlCon 2012 there were a few geek gals in Thor costumes. Maybe next year we’ll see a Lady Sif or the new Captain Marvel?

 Two of the biggest success stories celebrated at the con were Batwoman and Wonder Woman. Along with Batgirl these three DC Comics books starring female leads are solid sellers which could lead to more female driven books. These two iconic heroines are joining forces. Wonder Woman guest stars in this week’s Batwoman #12.

Batwoman #12 courtesy DC Comics

  After attending GeekGirlCon I thought this week’s announcements were ironic and inspiring. The big publishers appear to be listening to the fans.

 Thanks to and DC’s The Source.

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