Gay in the All-New Marvel Now?

Astonishing X-Men #51 courtesy Marvel


Suddenly you might wonder will GLBT characters have a home in the All-New Marvel Now?

Mutant lovers Rictor and Shatterstar are not part of the All-New X-Factor series. The previous volume earned a GLAAD Media Award for the portrayal of this couple rocky’s romance.

Astonishing X-Men #51 is famous for the landmark wedding of openly gay X-Man Northstar to Kyle Jinadu. Lesbian mutant Karma was part of this team, too but now that series is over.

Now Young Avengers, home of recently split teen boyfriends Wiccan and Hulkling, and Wolverine and the X-Men, where openly gay mutant lizard boy, Anole, is a supporting character are both coming to an end in early 2014.

Young Avengers #1 courtesy Marvel
Young Avengers #1 courtesy Marvel

Lesbian scientist Dr. Annabelle Riggs swooned over teammate Valkyrie, was killed by her (Val was possessed at the time) and now the doctor’s lifeforce in merged with the Asgardian warrior woman – talk about complicated mating for life! Unfortunately their series Fearless Defenders ends soon.

Northstar is part of Wolverine’s squad in the new Amazing X-Men series but suddenly some popular GLBT characters are…bookless. Where could these characters end up in the All-New Marvel Now?

Given Marvel’s track record I’m certain it’s not an editorial policy – it’s just that these characters are featured in books coming to end by creative shifts, marketing initiatives and the ultimate power in the universe – sales.

The All-New Marvel Now initiative does show a commitment to diversity. It should be noted that the new Ms. Marvel is a Muslim teenager of Pakistani descent from New Jersey. Black Widow, She-Hulk and Captain Marvel will all get brand series in 2014. The new Mighty Avengers is comprised of strong African-American and Hispanic-American heroes. You can just look at the X-Men’s history to see Marvel’s inclusion of heroes from every background.

Will there ever be a Marvel Comic book with a  gay or lesbian character in the title role? It will take an innovative writer or editor with the perfect pitch but it’s up to readers to remind publishers of the characters we want to see in our comics.

X-Factor's Shatterstar and Rictor courtesy
X-Factor’s Shatterstar and Rictor courtesy

A faithful follower of this site wants an all-gay X-Men team. Why not, the all-female X-Men is a smash hit (lesbian powerhouse Bling! has great moments in the recent arc.) The groundbreaking Northstar could lead a squad made up of Karma, Anole, Wiccan, Rictor, Shatterstar, and Bling in a limited series.


The fight for mutant rights has represented the fight against discrimination and X-Men storylines often reflect the times. The X-Tinction Agenda was a tale inspired by Apartheid. The Legacy Virus among mutants was a parable for the AIDS epidemic. Just when you see acceptance in one part of the world we’re reminded of the horrors other GLBT people face in other parts of the globe. Given the recent controversial policies in Russia, imagine Olympic champion Jean-Paul Baubier (aka Northstar) at the Soschi Olympics?

Hopefully there will be more All-New Marvel NOW announcements about books with GLBT characters. But a fan’s nudge here and there doesn’t hurt. It is the comics business. Publishers are willing to invest in GLBT characters and storylines if readers invest in the books. You have the ultimate power.

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Thanks for including my story. Update: Less than a week after it was published, Benjamin Deeds came out in Uncanny X-Men the following week.