GAMBIT’S Greatest Sins Before His X-MEN Return

Gambit rejoins mutant heroes in X-Men: Gold #4 this week.

But Gambit is often more anti-hero – and guilty of villainous acts. The rogue has redeemed but it’s hard not to forget his shady past.

Gambit #3 courtesy Marvel

Gambit’s mutant power is kinetically charging any object but he’s a skilled thief and con man. Remy proved himself a hero, shared a tortured romance with Rogue, friendship with Storm – the first X-Man he met, but hid many secrets and make some shocking moves.

Here are Remy’s greatest sins:

Deadly Wedding:

Remy was a member of the Thieves Guild. Bella Donna Boudreax was granddaughter of the head of the Assassins Guild. Their Romeo and Juliet romance started as teen crushes, arranged marriage to keep the Guilds as peace, but ended in death and vengeance. Remy killed Bella Donna’s brother who challenged Remy in battle at the wedding ceremony. Gambit was exiled from New Orleans. The romance was ended.

Foxxy Deception:

Gambit and Rogue’s romance was always rocky but things got really twisted with the introduction of Foxx. This mysterious young woman joined Xavier’s School and was hot for teacher. Foxx nearly seduced Gambit. Foxx was really Mystique out to ruin Remy and her foster daughter’s relationship. Upon Mystique’s unmasking she shapeshifted into Rogue offering Remy the opportunity to finally have the relationship he wanted without risking Rogue’s ability to absorb him.  He didn’t take her up on it…did he?

Apocalyptic Sacrifice:

Gambit – Horseman of Apocalypse? When the immortal mutant tyrant returned, Remy agreed to be transformed into the newest Horseman of Death. The shocking betrayal was a ruse to infiltrate En Sabah Nur’s new plot. As Death, Remy nearly killed Rogue but later was freed of the brainwashing.

Sinister Mission:

The Mutant Massacre is one of the most brutal epics in X-Men history. The Morlocks were a clan of mutants who mostly stayed hidden in tunnels under New York City. The Marauders (including Sabretooth) were a squad of assassins sent to wipe out the Morlocks. In the fight, Marauders slaughtered many Morlocks and nearly killed some X-Men before they were stopped. The Marauders were under orders from Mister Sinister. Years later it was revealed Gambit worked for Sinister to recruit the killers. When Gambit tried to stop the attack but it was too late. Upon learning Remy’s involvement and how he kept it a secret, the X-Men exiled Remy.

Remy often strays from the path of pure heroism.

Gambit returns in X-Men: Gold #1 by writer Marc Guggenheim this Wednesday. Remy will part of the cast (Rogue and Mystique too) of the upcoming Astonishing X-Men by Charles Soule later this summer.

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