Forever Evil #6 courtesy DC Comics
Forever Evil #6 courtesy DC Comics

Death of hero?

Birth of a villain?


The fate of Nightwing is revealed in an action-packed, game-changing Forever Evil #6.


Batman and Lex Luthor have formed an uneasy alliance to take down the Crime Syndicate.
In this issue Bruce, Lex and their ruthless team including Catwoman, Sinestro, Deathstroke, Captain Cold and Black Manta take the fight to the evil version of the Justice League. Before the showdown begins Batman and Nightwing fans are thrown a shocker.


Before I continue here’s a SPOILER ALERT!


If you have not read Forever Evil #6 stop reading now.




Here it comes.


Dick Grayson was beaten and his identity exposed before the entire world by the Crime Syndicate in the first chapter.

Bruce and Lex discover the original Robin is linked to a bomb in the crashed Watchtower.
This is the sickest twist in the Crime Syndicate’s game against the heroes of Earth leaving Bruce with an impossible choice.

Batman tries to have it both ways. Bruce hopes to save the world, save Nightwing.

Lex Luthor knows it’s impossible and he’s willing to make the choice Bruce won’t.

Just when you think the fate of Nightwing is the finale of the issue – Geoff Johns and David Finch unveil a shocker – Alexander Luthor – Lex’s counterpart from an alternate Earth is here to take ’em all out.
Is this the Lex or Earth 3 or his son who played a critical role in Infinite Crisis?


What I loved:

Geoff Johns makes the case for Lex Luthor as the ruthless “hero” this Earth needs and why he will lead the Justice League in the Forever Evil aftermath.
I’ve enjoyed Johns’ creation of Luthor’s dream team (or is a nightmare more appropriate) of DC’s most ruthless villains allied to take down or show that they are the greater evil. Black Manta gets some great scene stealing moments.
Johns may be creating a hero/villain rivalry between Luthor and Batman that’s more bitter and deeper the classic Superman/Lex drama.


Forever Evil #1 courtesy DC Comics
Forever Evil #1 courtesy DC Comics

What I hated:

If Richard Grayson is really dead this is a horrible way to treat this beloved hero.

To have him smothered by Lex Luthor? That’s not a hero’s death. That’s not how Nightwing should go out.


Whatever red herring, cosmic twist or multiple Earth theory Johns can dream up I will accept if it means a heroic comeback for one of DC’s greatest heroes.


By Editor

Read Future of Nightwing and let’s save Richard.