Hydra bring rivals together? Emma Frost and the X-Men – together again?

X-Men #7 courtesy Marvel

As ResurrXion leads to Secret Empire, the former White Queen is on her own throne again. The death of Scott Summers drove Emma Frost to vengeance and villainy in the finale of Inhumans vs. X-Men. Mutant heroes reunited in X-Men Gold and Blue but the fate of Frost turned up in Secret Empire United.

Get ready for Frost and the X-Men will meet again in X-MEN BLUE #7.

Frost is ruling the mutant homeland of New Tian in a world ruled by Hydra. SECRET EMPIRE UNITED reveals Emma’s power moves and alliance building in New Tian. X-MEN BLUE #7 is a Secret Empire tie-in. Writer Cullen Bunn says mutants may be both against Hydra but don’t expect Frost’s to shift back.

“But we’re really going to be setting something really, really big up for Emma in the future. Ever since we revealed her return, I’ve been receiving messages asking me to immediately return Emma to her status as a hero. I understand the sentiment, but that’s not something I can do right away. Emma can’t just come back from where she was with the flip of a switch. She’s in a dark place right now, and if she comes back from it—that’s a big “if”—it will take time.” Bunn told Marvel.com.

The Secret Empire arc marks the return of Emma and Polaris but Bunn says more mutants will be back and “changed in mysterious ways” and “the changes play into something big we’ve already been building in X-Men Blue.”

X-MEN BLUE #7 arrives July 12th.

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