DC UNIVERSE REBIRTH Big Moments, Questions & Controversy

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DC Comics Rebirth Previews courtesy DC Comics
DC Comics Rebirth Previews courtesy DC Comics

Happy Rebirthday!

DC Universe Rebirth #1 is finally here.

After you read this huge one-shot, you may say, “are they really going THERE!”

Geoff Johns with artists Phil Jimenez, Gary Frank, Ethan Van Sciver and Ivan Reis set the stage for the new DC Universe with new mysteries, conspiracies and returning heroes.

Some beloved characters are still MIA in the relaunch while others are flying high on a big final splash page.

We wanted to wait until the issue hit comic book shops and now here are our biggest moments and burning questions with this huge Rebirth one-shot.

Before we begin the breakdown here’s a SPOILER WARNING!

If you have not read Justice League #50, Superman #52, DC Universe Rebirth #1 stop reading now.



Here it comes.

A beloved Scarlet Speedster returns setting off a big new mystery. The Pre-New 52 Wally West is back and the surprise narrator of the issue. West is trapped in the Speed Force and reaches out to several old friends for a tether to fully bring him back.

DC Universe Rebirth #1 courtesy DC Comics
DC Universe Rebirth #1 courtesy DC Comics

In his Kid Flash costume and with full memories of his past, West first reaches out Batman then other old friends like The Atom but it’s a connection with Barry Allen that brings him completely back. Wally tells Barry about everything that happened before Flashpoint and that a darkness has infected the universe and stole a decade of memories from the heroes (The New 52) changing the lives of so many heroes. Wally thinks someone took this away to weaken the heroes and warns of a war with the mystery villain behind it all. Wally’s exact role in the Rebirth Universe hasn’t been clarified yet but he will be part of the new Titans book. West also brought a letter from Thomas Wayne to Bruce. More on what Batman suspects coming up.

Heroes return:

Blue Beetles (both Ted Kord and Jaime Reyes) are back and Kord is visited by the original Doctor Fate.

The Atoms (Ray Palmer is trapped in a microverse but left a belt for Ryan Choi to come save him.)

Jessica Cruz is now the Green Lantern of Earth. Cruz and Simon Baz will co-star in the upcoming Justice League Rebirth.

Aqualad Jackson Hyde is back and will come out as a gay man.

Super Couples Statuses:

The New 52 Superman is dead ending the Clark/Wonder Woman romance.

Aquaman proposes to Mera.

Green Arrow and Black Canary finally meet and sense that they are missing something or someone. They were married before The New 52.

The pre-New 52 Superman (married to Lois) is in the Rebirth Universe after Convergence with their Super Son Jon Kent. Superman will raise his son but Lois will become Superwoman so does it mean they won’t be together after all? Lex Luthor is now super powered and claiming to be the new Superman (he’s even claimed the S symbol for his costume) while a New Super-Man will emerge in China.

The big bad:

Darkseid was the ultimate villain of The New 52 and died during Darkseid War but has been reborn in the body of Forever Evil Superwoman’s baby.

End of The New 52:

Pandora was a herald of his new era and she’s killed by a mysterious force which symbolically kills off The New 52 era given her importance. More on who we think killed her below.

Missing Heroes:

Several heroes are MIA when the first Rebirth books were announced but these characters did appear on a huge splash page:

Martian Manhunter, Zatanna, The Demon, Vixen, Deadman, The Atom and several members of the Shazam (formerly Marvel family) including what we think is Mary Marvel.

MIA and still no mention or appearance…yet:

Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Power Girl, Booster Gold, Metal Men, Wildstorm characters including Midnighter, Justice Society* characters but they do appear on the cover in one of three hourglasses and no Legion of Super-Heroes although we do see a Legion logo belt in the story.

*An elderly Johnny Thunder of the JSA (who were supposed to have existed anymore) is living in a nursing home.

The biggest new mysteries:

Who are the Jokers? Yes, Jokers. During Darkseid War, Batman became the God of Knowledge and learned there are three Jokers. (New 52 Batman writer Scott Snyder introduced a new possible origin for the Joker in Endgame.)

Who is Wonder Woman’s brother? During Darkseid War, Diana learned she has a lost twin.

Who is behind the killing of Pandora/New 52 and the stolen memories?

Brace yourself…

Pandora is killed by a energy blast as if it’s attacking from another realm and it’s the power signature of…Doctor Manhattan of The Watchmen!

And then the moment that inspired screams in the comic book shop…

Back in the Batcave, Bruce is trying to piece together the clues of who is behind the conspiracy and goes in a pit where he sees something shiny:

The yellow smiley face button word by the Comedian from The Watchmen. It even had a blood splatter stain.

“I can feel it now. Even now, Barry, we’re being watched.”

Story ends. Screams and speculation begins.

The opening pages were of a watch and ends with a watch being telekinetically being taken apart and reasselmbed…on Mars by Doctor Manhattan.

In the Watchmen finale, after Manhattan told Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias he might “create some” life in a another galaxy. When Veidt asked if his plan worked, Manhattan replied, “In the end? Nothing ends, Adrian. Nothing ever ends.”

The blue powerhouse says this same dialogue in the new one-shot epilogue.

Is the all-powerful Doctor Manhattan the one who created The New 52 or even the entire DC Universe? Is he the off screen God-like being the DC heroes are reaching for in this Rebirth image?

DC Universe Rebirth courtesy DC Comics via Twitter
DC Universe Rebirth courtesy DC Comics via Twitter

And the most ominous question of all…

Is Doctor Manhattan ready to end this universe and can the DC heroes have a hope of stopping him?

Is this a hint of the first crossover between the DC Universe and the characters of Watchmen, which took place in its own universe with heroes inspired by the Charlton Comics characters bought by DC.

During the New 52 era, DC published Before Watchmen, a series of one-shot and mini-series that served as prequels to the classic story by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons.

What are you big Rebirth questions and hopes?

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