Three big new number ones under the DARK MATTER banner coming out of the event of DARK NIGHTS METAL.

courtesy DC Comics

This trio tops our picks in the DC Comics December book previews. Plus, meet the Batman of Tomorrow in a Superman, Super Sons crossover and a new creative JUSTICE LEAGUE team.

Numbers Ones:

THE IMMORTAL MEN #1 “The End of Forever” is the start for DC’s new super group born out of DARK NIGHTS METAL. Heroes who live forever secretly protect humanity from the House of Conquest. Who is The Immortal Man and a new metahuman who may be their last hope against Conquest. James Tynion IV, Jim Lee and Scott Williams bring you the DARK MATTER super team book.

DAMAGE #1 Ethan “Elvis” Avery is a soldier turned monster in a new series by Robert Venditti, Tony S. Daniel and Danny Miki.

THE SILENCER #1 The greatest assassin in the DC Universe you’ve never hearn of…until now. From Leviathan’s chief killer to a woman living a normal life…until Talia Al Ghul offers her a new mission. It’s an offer she can’t refuse in this new anti-hero book by Dan Abnett, John Romita Jr and Sandra Hope.

Big Issues:

DOOMSDAY CLOCK #2 Batman finds another relic from the Watchmen universe and has Lex Luthor formed an alliance with a member of that infamous team?

BATMAN #36, 37 “Superfriends” a two-part tale of the Dark Knight and Man of Steel’s friendship fractured.

ACTION COMICS #994, 994 “Booster Shot” finds Superman turning to the hero from the future after learning the idenity of Mr. Oz. A new villain vows to stop the duo’s time tripping search for answers.

AQUAMAN #31 Arthur and his unlikely allies vow to “Take Back the Throne.”

THE FLASH #36 “A Cold Day in Hell” sees a Rogue murdered in prison leading Barry to learn the deadliest secret of Iron Heights.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #34, 35 “Lost” sees the League dealing with Batman’s critical mistake. It’s the start of a new arc by new creative team Christopher Priest and Pete Woods.

DEATHSTROKE #36 “The Fall of Slade” Team Defiance searches for their leader but Slade is a captive of the Secret Society of Super Villains.

“Super Sons of Tomorrow” in SUPERMAN #37, SUPER SONS #11, TEEN TITANS #15 The Batman of Tomorrow comes back to prevent disaster and Superboy’s dark destiny.

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