THOR RAGNAROK Ending, Easter Eggs and What’s Next?

THOR: RAGNAROK rocked Marvel fans with the Odinson in massive matchups against the Hulk, Hela and Surtur. Director Taika Waititi and the writers packed the third Thor solo film with Easter eggs, cameos and what might be the most important post-credits scene in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

THOR RAGNAROK courtesy Marvel

THOR: RAGNAROK took elements from the Ragnarok legend, Planet Hulk and Contest of Champions. The cliffhanger sets up the cosmic showdown coming in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR and beyond in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Here’s our favorite surprises and what could happen to the Odinson next:

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THE NEW MUTANTS Trailer, An X-MEN Horror Movie?

The X-Men film franchise is mutating into something scary!

Fox revealed the first trailer for THE NEW MUTANTS.  Based on the X-Men comic book but with the vibe of a teen horror film.

Take a look and let’s break down who’s who, what we know and what could be:

The mutants are not in the Xavier estate but a psychiatric facility under the care of a Dr. Cecilia Reyes (Alice Braga). The patients include characters from the comics each experiencing nightmarish visions and encounters.

Why a X-Men horror movie? When go back to the comic book origins and most memorable New Mutants stories you can see the inspiration.

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Fall means time to get cozy in a cinema to escape the chills. Hollywood rolls out the fantasy with comic book heroes, classic and new science fiction and even the dramatic story behind the creation of an icon.

THOR RAGNAROK courtesy Marvel

Thor thunders back and he’s got Hulk smashing with him. Justice League unites. The next chapter of Star Wars and more.

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Fox’s X-Men franchise evolves into a new television series.

THE GIFTED introduces new mutants and classic heroes from comic books.

The Gifted courtesy Fox and Marvel

A family goes on the run when two teens manifest mutant powers and find refuge among some characters with familiar names to X-fans. Marvel shared new looks at these heroes.

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When we last saw Phil Coulson he appeared to be looking out across space from a mysterious prison cell.

MARVEL’S AGENTS OF SHIELD Season Five will pick up with Earth’s heroic operative in outer space.

This new art sure looks like it. Marvel revealed via EW the first poster for the upcoming season with the logo on what looks like the space prison (?) holding Coulson.

But where is he? Who has him?

courtesy Marvel

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