Biggest DC REBIRTH Mysteries We Want Solved in 2017

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DC Universe Rebirth courtesy DC Comics via Twitter

2017 – the Year of DC Rebirth answers?

DC Universe Rebirth #1 was not a reboot as promised. Geoff Johns didn’t start over but launched a return of shared-universe continuity with a focus on core characters. Heroes returned. Villains returned. Teams reunited. The stage was set for the new DC Universe with new mysteries, conspiracies and returning heroes.

The high-impact moments continued in the pages of DC Rebirth titles with spooky hints of continuity in unusual places – Saturn Girl in Arkham Asylum?

As we head into 2017 here are the biggest burning questions we’re excited to get answered this year:

Before we begin the breakdown here’s a SPOILER WARNING!

If you have not read Justice League #50, Superman #52, DC Universe Rebirth #1 or the DC Rebirth books stop reading now and get to the comic shop.



Here it comes.

What does Wally know?

A beloved Scarlet Speedster returned setting off the biggest mystery. The Pre-New 52 Wally West was trapped in the Speed Force and reached out to several old friends for a tether to fully bring him back. In his Kid Flash costume and with full memories of his past, West first reached out Batman (he even brought a letter from Thomas Wayne to Bruce) then other old friends like The Atom but it’s was his connection with Barry Allen that brought him back. Wally told Barry about everything that happened before Flashpoint and that “a darkness has infected the universe” and stole a decade of memories from the heroes aka The New 52. Wally thinks someone took this away to weaken the heroes and warns of a war with the mystery villain behind the stolen time conspiracy. Wally is a target because of what he may remember – good thing he’s back with the Titans for backup.

Baby Darkseid

DC’s biggest cosmic bad guy was killed twice during Justice League Darkseid War and was reduced to an infant. Can Grail (his daughter) committed to raising him with love and keep him from becoming the evil despot. The final shot showing the child’s flowing red eyes. Will How long will Darkseid remain a baby and stay off the grid? Can any adoptive parent, regardless of intentions, prevent Darkseid’s destiny?

Legion Lost

A mystery woman with a “L” ring appeared in the one-shot then turned up again in the pages of Batman. A “Jane Doe” in Arkham Asylum is Saturn Girl. Why is the 30th century hero trapped in the past in the infamous institution? Are other members of the Legion of Super-Heroes trapped across time as possible victims of the big conspiracy involving the Watchmen? Will more lost Legion team members turn up and finally lead to a new ongoing for the beloved heroes of the future?

Batman #9 courtesy DC Comics

Three Jokers

Armed with universal knowledge of the Mobius Chair, Batman asked about Joker’s true identity. Bruce later revealed to Hal Jordan there are three Jokers. The speculation is the trio of Jokers are one resembling the original Golden Age Joker, one that appears to be the Joker of the 70’s and 80’s and the modern New 52 era Joker from Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s run. During Batman: Endgame, Snyder hinted the arch villain could be immortal. A trio of Jokers could explain why villain’s various origins, dramatic personality changes and how he’s cheated death multiple times. The big question: Are there three different men operating separately or together?

Tim Drake’s “Death”

During the first DC Rebirth Detective Comics run by James Tynion IV, Red Robin sacrificed himself to save Gotham City from The Colony’s fleet of drones. Tim’s apparent death split Batman’s newly organized boot camp sending an angry, heartbroken Stephanie Brown on her own. The twist is Tim is alive and a prisoner of a mystery man seen in the Rebirth one-shot who is also spying on Superman. The hooded stranger, Mr. Oz, told Tim he needed to taken off the playing field because Red Robin had been “reconnecting threads”

Detective Comics #940 courtesy DC Comics

Watching for Watchmen:

Did Dr. Manhattan manipulate the DC Universe, taking a decade away to create the events of The New 52 era? The DC Universe Rebirth one-shot by Geoff Johns delivered jaw=dropping moments that appeared to point the finger at the Watchmen. Did these powerful beings of the classic alternative universe reshape the DC Universe? During the one-shot, Pandora (a key figure of The New 52) was killed off with a power signature belonging to Dr. Manhattan. Batman found a blood-stained smiley face button as word by Teh Comedian. The ending featured the Dr. talking with Ozymandias while a watch is fixed on Mars. Is Mr Oz Ozymandias or Dr. Manhattan? This mystery man kidnapped Tim Drake and is watching Superman.

In the Alan Moore’s Watchmen finale, after Manhattan told Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias he might “create some” life in a another galaxy. When Veidt asked if his plan worked, Manhattan replied, “In the end? Nothing ends, Adrian. Nothing ever ends.”

Doctor Manhattan says this same dialogue in the new one-shot epilogue.

Did the all-powerful blue man manipulate the DC Universe? If he’s ready to end this universe, can the DC heroes have a hope of stopping him?

On New Year’s Eve, Geoff Johns tweeted, “Writing comics again…stay tuned! Happy New Year!!!” with a closeup of Dr. Manhattan.

DC Universe vs. Watchmen Universe?

What big Rebirth mysteries are you most excited to be solved this year?

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