BATMAN, FLASH, BUTTON Finale Reveals DC REBIRTH Mystery Villain

Can you feel the shockwaves across DC fandom?! The Flash #22 is here. The finale of The Button, picking up the mystery launched in DC Universe Rebirth #1 last summer with a HUGE revelation.

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In this week’s finale by Joshua Williamson and Howard Porter, a Golden Age hero returns, a bad guy dies and the identity of the mystery villain (?) behind a multiversal mystery is revealed.

Before we break down this week’s high-impact issue and what it could mean for the DC Rebirth here’s a SPOILER ALERT!

If you have not read The Flash #22 yet, run to your comic book shop to get Batman #21, 22, The Flash #21, 22.



Here it comes.

It all started by in with the return of Wally West, the revelation of a powerful forces stealing a chunk of time (The New 52 era) in the DC universe and waiting to attack DC’s heroes…and The Button.

A bloody smiley face button (as worn by The Comedian after his murder) from the iconic Watchmen story found in the Batcave. The speculation began: DC heroes vs the Watchmen?!

Bruce and Barry’s investigation led to the return and attack of Reverse-Flash. Thawne then being taken to another realm only to return claiming to have seen God before dying. Bruce meeting his father, The Batman of Flashpoint.

The action picks up with Barry and Bruce racing across time after Reverse-Flash, catching him in the timestream BEFORE he dies in Batman #21.

We see Thawne’s encounter with “God” before he’s burned in a blue energy light.

Bruce and Barry are saved in the timestream by…The Flash aka Jay Garrick! The first Flash in his winged helmet is a heroic welcome sight as he saves Batman and Barry taking them back to the Batcave.

Like West, Garrick declares, “they took everything from me, Barry.”

As the two Flashes touch hands, Jay is taken by flashes of lightning and blue energy.

What happened to the Golden Age Flash? How is Jay’s brief appearance tied to Johnny Thunder and the possible return of the Justice Society of America?

At Thawne’s grave, Barry and Bruce vow to find this “God” who killed Thawne and may have seized Jay.

Bruce is haunted by the final words of this father from Flashpoint asking him to not be Batman.

And then…

A hand of blue energy picks up the bloody smiley face button with iconic lines from Watchmen.

DR. MANHATTAN revealed!

In the Epilogue we panel by panel move in on the red and yellow button until we move out to reveal the chest of Superman.

The mystery will continue in the previously announced Doomsday Clock by Geoff Johns, Gary Frank and Brad Anderson coming in November, 2017.

After a year of ominous teases, it appears the clock is ticking to a showdown between Superman and Dr. Manhattan. Could more DC heroes be pitted against the cast of Watchmen? Batman vs Ozymandias?

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