AvX Iron Fist & The Phoenix Force?

New Avengers #26 courtesy Marvel.com

 When you think Iron First you think of dragons but the martial arts master may have a connection to the fiery Phoenix too!

 Marvel gave Comics Newsarama this exclusive first look preview of New Avengers # 26. Iron Fist appears to be shielding Hope Summers (from Avengers who want to seize her?)

 This is a new piece of the Iron Fist/Phoenix puzzle. Here’s the link to see New Avengers #25 featuring Danny Rand bursting with a Phoenix energy signature.

 The preview includes this: “The secret history of the Phoenix is revealed in K’un Lun’s book of the dead Iron Fists. One of the most important chapters in the AVX story.”

Nathan Adler

Back in 1975, Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #19, written by Chris Claremont, introduced us to the Firebird which represented the soul and potential goodness for the Earth!

Before the Great Cataclysm just after the N’Garai were banished from ruling the Earth, a woman known as Jade was physically and sexually assaulted by a band of men and left for dead in the woods. When she recovered she was so mentally anguished that she prayed for death and in response, she was exposed to a blinding light which set her afire, and transformed her into the Firebird, the mystical embodiment of all that is good, kind, decent and noble in humanity.

In this way Jade represented all that is best, and served as humanity’s soul, and thus lifted humanity out of the charnal pit the N’Garai had dug for it, allowing it to rise above its damned infancy.

Millennia later, the demon sorcerer, Dhasha Khan, sought to power of the Firebird directing a group of people to assault its human manifestation, Jade, in Feng-Tu, the realm of the dead for the people of K’un L’un.

This assault was prevented by Iron Fist, who it was suggested was Firebird’s protector.

With this in mind, it’s interesting that the upcoming Avengers Vs X-Men is suggesting that Iron Fist is the protector of the Firebird.

Given Bendis and crew are fans of Marvel’s 70s period, I wonder if the plot is a thruline from this story…

So perhaps Hope Summers isn’t Jean Grey, but Jade reincarnated from Feng-Tu!

Will Power

I admire your knowledge! What you said fits with Claremont’s Power Man & Iron Fist and Uncanny X-Men era. I have loved how Bendis mined the 70’s era. Thanks for the amazing Marvel history and your comment. I appreciate your support and sharing. Hope you will come back. Would you mind if I share this as a follow up post?