Avengers vs X-Men: Rogue vs She-Hulk


X-Men Legacy #266 courtesy Marvel

  Avengers vs X-Men may be a fight about the future of the Marvel Universe but X-Men Legacy #266 reminded Rogue about her criminal past. It starts with slow burning tension at the Jean Grey School. Rogue and other teachers are reflecting on whether to rejoin Cyclops or stay at the school.

  Rogue is constantly reminded how she took on Thor, Captain America and other heroes in the classic Avengers Annual #10. This Chris Claremont/Michael Golden story featured Rogue (under Mystique’s influence) taking down Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. We see the regret in Rogue’s mind as she remembers the mistakes of her past including the fateful battle with Ms. Marvel that too years for both of them to recover.

  An Avengers task force arrives but the line is drawn…but not for long until there’s a brawl in the schoolyard. The cover promised a Rogue & She-Hulk throw down and the issue doesn’t disappoint. I like how Christos Gage is handling Frenzy in this issue.  This was a great tie-in issue to AVX with a big cliffhanger as one of the big three Avengers jumps into the fight.

I’m still hoping to see a Rogue/Ms. Marvel rematch before AvX is over. I love both characters but it would make for great drama given the tragic history between these women that Chris Claremont wrote so perfectly during his X-Men run.

By Editor