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Marvel finds their King!

Anson Mount (Hell on Wheels) will be the lead of Marvel’s Inhumans television series.

Black Bolt and Maximus of The Inhumans courtesy Marvel

The upcoming show will star the Royal Family of an Inhuman tribe living in a city called Attilan.

Black Bolt is the enigmatic, commanding ruler. His Inhuman power is his voice. With a single whisper he can destroy a city.

“Anson loves the challenge of playing a character who will only communicate silently,” said Jeph Loeb, Head of Marvel Television and Executive Producer on “His enthusiasm mixed with his imposing almost regal persona made it easy to see why he is our Black Bolt.”

“Black Bolt is a character whose deep complexity must be conveyed without uttering a single word, and I’m very excited to have Anson on board to bring him to life.”Added executive producer and showrunner Scott Buck.

Iwan Rheon will playing the King’s brother, Maximus the Mad.

Black Bolt’s Queen is Medusa, a fiercely devoted wife and advisor with powerful prehensile hair.

The Inhumans were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in the Fantastic Four and are descended from ancient humans experimented on by the Kree. The Inhumans have been enemies and allies with the Avengers, X-Men and the Fantastic Four.

Blackagar Boltagon (his full name) served on the Illuminati, a secret group of Marvel’s biggest leaders. In the comics Black Bolt destroyed Attilan and unleashed a Terrigen Bomb in a battle with Thanos. The bomb lead to a Terrigen Cloud across the globe triggering a new generation of Inhumans.

The first two episodes of the new ABC series will premiere exclusive in IMAX theaters in September 2017 followed by eight episodes on ABC.

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