All Hail Famke Janssen: Bond Girl, X-Woman


Famke Janssen as Jean Grey/Phoenix in X-Men: The Last Stand courtesy 20th Century Fox

  Famke Janssen holds a very special place in the heart of this devoted geek. The beautiful Dutch born actress beautifully played two roles in two genres that are very important to me. I’m thrilled to see her back on the big screen in Taken 2 out this week.

  In Pierce Brosnan’s first 007 film Goldeneye,  Janssen played my all time favorite James Bond villainess. Xenia Onnatop was a Russian femme fatale who could slink across a casino in an evening gown, pilot a military helicopter, get turned on while she’s killing and strangle a man with her thighs. Pure evil.

  Janssen brought Jean Grey to life in X-Men, X-Men United and X-Men: The Last Stand. She was perfect as the good girl attracted to the bad boy and always holding her power and passion in check – until the final film.

  Janssen reprises her role as Liam Neeson’s ex-wife in Taken 2 but will we see her as Jean Grey in a future X-Men role? Janssen talked about her directorial debut Bringing Up Bobby with MTV News and was asked about returning to the X-Men movies.

  “One never knows,” she said coyly. “Jean Grey, the Phoenix … she finds a way to reincarnate herself constantly, so one never knows.”

  “I have no idea,” she said. “Stay tuned.”

  In the comic books – the original pre-Phoenix Jean Grey is returning to the Marvel Now in All-New X-Men.

  The X-Men: First Class sequel is based in part on Days of Future Past. Patrick Stewart has hinted he may appear in that film. If the film follows the comic story Hugh Jackman could appear as a Wolverine of the future. I’d love to see Janssen and James Marsden return to erase the events of The Last Stand and restart the franchise. If all this talk is making you nostalgic let’s take a look at Famke as Dr. Jean Grey in the trailer for the first X-Men movie.

For giving us Jean and Xenia I will always love and welcome Famke Janssen on the big screen!

By Editor