Alan Scott Green Lantern Is Out, New DC Gay Character Teased


Earth 2 art courtesy DC Comics

The mystery is over now let the speculation begin…again! Who is coming out next?

 Golden Age Green Lantern comes out in Earth 2 #2 next week. DC Comics revealed Alan Scott will be reintroduced as a gay man as part of The New 52 Second Wave relaunch. Writer James Robinson says Scott will not be the only gay character in the series.

“There is another character down the line, but that character won’t be appearing for some time, so it’s probably a bit too early to talk about that,” he told the gay and lesbian magazine The Advocate, “but this book will definitely have a diverse cast. Alan Scott won’t be the only gay character in Earth 2, I promise you that.”

Justice Society of America #48 courtesy DC Comics

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Will is be a hero, villain, sidekick? Could it be another hero (and teammate of Scott’s) from the Justice Society era? Wildcat and Doctor Fate have not be reintroduced yet.

Let the speculation begin…again!

If you didn’t catch it before…here’s the DC character I thought could be relaunched as a gay character.

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