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Kid Omega Comeback Continues with Brian Wood


Wolverine and The X-Men: Alpha and Omega #1 preview art courtesy

  Brian Wood is coming back to Marvel Comics with a new limited series: Wolverine and the X-Men: Alpha and Omega. Wolverine is trying to play is cooler now that he’s headmaster of the reopened Westchester school. Quentin Quire aka Kid Omega is the certainly one character that can infuriate Logan. This clash of the titanic personalities will be the focus of Wood’s new series.

  Brian Wood talked with about his new project. He revealed that Quentin will be driving the series and Armor will be caught in the crossfire of his clash with Wolverine. Mark Brooks and Roland Boschi will share art duties on the series. Mark Brooks was at Emerald City Comicon this year and I was lucky enough to have some issues autographed.

  One of the year’s biggest surprises was the return of Quentin Quire to the X-Men. Jason Aaron put the omega level mutant on the front burner of the Schism storyline. Quentin’s mind manipulation of world leaders ignited a new wave of hatred and hear against mutants. You might call his act telepathic terrorism.

Wolverine and the X-Men #1 by Chris Bachalo courtesy of

  Quentin is now part of the Wolverine and the X-Men cast. As Wolverine tries to evolve and be a leader for the next generation, Quentin is the perfect foil to rattle Logan’s cage. Kid Omega was created by Grant Morrison during his New X-Men era. Quentin went from top student to dangerous rebel after learning a family secret and seeing one of his heroes victimized. Quentin formed his own Omega Gang and staged a riot at Xavier’s.

  Quentin encountered the Phoenix Force in Greg Pak’s Phoenix Endsong limited series. The kid had been left on the back burner until Jason Aaron brought him back in Schism and now Wolverine and the X-Men.

  Quentin may make Logan regret all the wisecracks he made to Cyclops and all the times he called Professor X Chuck.


Emerald City Comicon Announces 7 New Guests


Justice League International #1 from DC Comics

Emerald City Comicon announced 7 new guests coming to the Seattle show in 2012.

Aaron Lopresti is currently artist on Justice League International. I really enjoyed his run on Wonder Woman and Excalibur.

Greg Rucka’s own creations include Whiteout, Stumptown, Queen & Country and novels starring Atticus Kodiak. Rucka’s acclaimed work for DC and Marvel include The Punisher, Detective Comics, Gotham Central and The Question.

Colleen Coover is an artist known for Shame Itself, Marvel Adventures Spider Man, I Am An Avenger, Spectacular Spider-Girl and her creator owned books Gingerbread Girl, Small Favors and Banana Sunday.

Nathan Edmondson’s work includes DC’s new Grifter series, Who is Jake Ellis? and Olympus.

Chris Roberson is best known for his ongoing comic book series iZombie and for his Cinderella stories in the world of Fables.

Paul Tobin is known for his Marvel Adventures books, Spider-Girl and his creator owned work Banana Sundays and Gingerbread Girl.

Jen Van Meter’s writing includes Fear Itself: The Worthy, Red Sonja, JSA All Stars, Black Cat and current Avengers: Solo series.

To see other special guests and buy tickets click here.

$10,000 Spider Man Comic Found in Attic

George Toman and his Amazing Fantasy #15 courtesy Bleeding Cool

  A lucky fan finds a copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 while cleaning house. This issue features the first appearance of Spider-Man! George Toman said he was cleaning up and found a box of comics his mom had stored in the attic.

  Bleeding Cool said it best, “not everyone’s mother threw out the comics while they were at summer camp. No, at least one stuffed them in the attic.”

  Toman took the issue and a box of other comics to his local shop. Toman couldn’t believe what the issue was worth according to the La Grange Patch. The owner of Chimera’s Comics says the issue is worth more than $10,000.

  Thankfully my mom only threw out my record albums when I went off to college. Mom was clever enough to save the comics in sealed bins! Love her for that!

Archie Meets KISS Brings Up a Childhood Nightmare!

Archie #625 courtesy Archie Comics

  Archie Meets KISS arrives in comic book shops Wednesday. It’s one of my Top 5 comic book picks this week and the latest in the long line of crazy comic book crossovers.

  Does any one remember Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park? I secretly defied my parents and stayed up to watch this made for television movie and it freaked me out!

  KISS use their superpowers to stop an evil inventor from destroying an amusement park. The rockers battle an army of robots including duplicates of themselves in a final showdown at the concert.

  It’s camp-tastic now but as a little kid I got really scared, especially in this scene when the white werewolf robots were suddenly surrounding KISS around the rollercoaster. Here’s the promo from YouTube.

  If this stroll down KISS memory lane inspires you here’s the link to buy the movie on Amazon. Unfortunately it’s only VHS.

Top 5 Comic Picks 11/30/11

X-Men Legacy #259 courtesy

X-Men Legacy #259

Rogue returns from her outer space adventure to find the X-men divided into rival camps but her feelings are torn between Magneto and Gambit. This is the first part of Mike Carey’s final X-Men arc after a 5+ years of innovative storytelling.

BPRD: Being Human

Terror tales starring Hellboy’s trusted team on the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense. This trade paperback collects stories of the undead, dark magic and how the strange heroes cope with love and loss.

Archie #625 (aka Archie Meets KISS #1)

The Riverdale High gang will Rock and Roll ALLLLLLLL NIGHT! It’s the strangest comic book mashup I never expected. The world’s most famous rock band invades Archie’s  hometown to save the night when monsters are unleashed on Riverdale Rock City.

Thunder Agents Volume 1 and number 1

Would you prefer to burn out in a blaze of glory or fade away?  Regular people are given the chance to be super heroes but with a catch – the powers will eventually kill them. Volume one collects the first ten issues. A new number one issue marks the new adventures of the team willing to die for superhero glory.

Captain America: Man Out of Time

Captain America sacrificed himself in World War Two. Decades later, Steve was revived to face a modern U.S. he didn’t recognize and meet the heroes who were inspired by his legend. In this tale will Cap risk everything to go back and save his best friend from death? It’s the Avengers versus Captain America for the fate of the timesteam. This trade paperback collects the 6 part series by legendary writer Mark Waid.

Forza Super Hero Leading Ladies Trivia Answers

Marvel Knights Elektra cover by Greg Horn. Courtesy of

  Hello Forza Fans, thanks for checking out the site and getting your morning treat at Forza. Here are the answers to this week’s Super Hero Leading Ladies Trivia.

  LOIS LANE is the the girlfriend of Superman. Amy Adams will play her in The Man of Steel.

  VICKY VALE is Batman’s reporter girlfriend played by Kim Basinger in the Tim Burton directed Batman.

  CAROL FERRIS is the love interest of Hal Jordan/Green Lantern who will eventually become the villainess, Star Sapphire. Blake Lively played her in Green Lantern.

  PEPPER POTTS is the trusted assistant of Tony Stark played by Gwynneth Paltrow in Iron Man and Iron Man 2.

  PEGGY CARTER is the tough World War Two officer who falls for Steve Rogers played by Hayley Atwell in Captain America: The First Avenger.

  BETTY ROSS is the girlfriend of Bruce Banner played by Jennifer Connelly in the Hulk and in Tyler The Incredible Hulk.

  GWEN STACY is Peter Parker’s first girlfriend and will be played by Emma Stone in Amazing Spider Man next year. Bryce Dallas Howard played Stacy in Spider Man III.

  ELEKTRA NATCHIOS is the doomed girlfriend of Matt Murdock played by Jennifer Garner in Daredevil. Elektra was resurrected to star in her own series and solo movie.

Thanks for playing and visiting Forza! Have a great day!



X-Men and Planet of the Apes Sequel Buzz

The Cast of X-Men: First Class courtesy

  The directors of Rise of the Planet of the Apes and X-Men: First Class are wanted men. 20th Century Fox reportedly wants Rupert Wyatt and Matthew Vaughn back to helm the sequels according to ComingSoon.Net.

  X-Men Director Vaughn is attached to direct movies based on Superior and Secret Service comic book series by Mark Millar according to Digital Spy. Vaughn previously adapted Millar’s Kick Ass for the big screen.

  This is the latest news that an X-Men: First Class sequel is moving forward. Earlier it was reported that Simon Kinberg is working on a script. As I said in that post, I’m hoping some of Magneto’s children will appear. Seeing Polaris, Scarlet Witch or Quicksilver in the next 60’s set prequel would be “groovy” or “far out” if it included Magneto’s plot to stop the U.S. mission to the moon.