Jonathan Hickman returns to Marvel. Prepare to witness the Children of the Atom evolve again.

Marvel announced Hickman’s new projects HOUSE OF X and POWERS of X at C2E2 at their Next Big Thing panel. Hickman will be joined by artists Pepe Larraz and R.B. Silva and colorist Marte Garcia. The news came with a promo piece by artist Mark Brooks chronicling X-Men history and sure to start speculation over Hickman’s plans for the mutant heroes.

“We are excited to have Jon back with the Marvel family, and we could not have asked for a better creative team to help usher the X-Men into a whole new era,” says Marvel Editor in Chief C.B. Cebulski. “While we can’t reveal too much about the story just yet, these new stories will redefine the X-Men and their place in the Marvel Universe. This is a historic moment both new and passionate fans won’t want to miss.”

After destroying and rebuilding the Marvel Universe, what will the acclaimed writer to do the X-Men?


Hickman’s influence can be seen in Marvel television and films. Several of his SECRET WARRIORS arcs have translated to AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. The Black Order jumped from page to screen in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR.

Hickman’s reveal follows this ominous teaser in last week’s new comics:

“When two aggressive species share the same environment, evolution demands adaptation or dominance.”

Could this signal a renewed war between mutants and humans with X-Men pitted against other hero teams again?

HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X arrive in July.

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CAPTAIN MARVEL Movie Burning Questions

CAPTAIN MARVEL is blasting to box office records around the globe. The first Marvel Comics Universe film led by a female hero sets up her joining Earth’s Mightiest Heroes for AVENGERS: ENDGAME

The Carol Danvers adventured left us thrilled and excited about her return to Earth and meeting the Avengers.

Captain Marvel courtesy Marvel

Before we continue here’s a SPOILER ALERT in case you haven’t seen the movie yet.

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Even super heroes can’t get a vacation! Peter Parker leaves the Big Apple but finds bigger trouble with multiple villains and a certain super spy!

Spider-Man: Far From Home courtesy Marvel

Marvel shared the first trailer and poster for SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME. Tom Holland is back at our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man but Peter Parker just wants to enjoy a school trip to Europe with buddy Ned Land and MJ.  Watch the trailer to see the hero and villains who crash the trip then come back for our break down of big questions. Continue reading SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME Trailer


The cosmic climax of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, mutation of the X-Men franchise, a Batman villain’s origin – 2019 will be an epic year of endings, new beginnings and minds blowing. New heroes opening doors and super sequels will hit cinemas this year.

courtesy Marvel

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DETECTIVE COMICS #1000 Teams Revealed

An epic celebration for Batman’s 80th Anniversary. DC Comics revealed a superstar roster of creators for DETECTIVE COMICS #1000. The milestone issue of the book that launched the Dark Knight will feature a new story arc, a new version of a super villain and the return of living legends to the Batcave.

Detective Comics #1000 courtesy DC Comics

As part of the Dark Knight’s 80th anniversary, DC will publish the 1,000th issue of DETECTIVE COMICS – the book that introduced Batman on March 27, 2019. The landmark issue features a wraparound cover by Jim Lee, Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair and features a new story by Peter J. Tomasi and Doug Mahnke that launches a new arc and introduces a new version of the Arkham Knight to the DC Comics canon.

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The end is here. The trailer is here. Marvel shared the title, poster and first trailer for the next chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The fourth Avengers film is…

courtesy Marvel

AVENGERS: ENDGAME picks up after the cosmic cliffhanger that saw Thanos win by wiping out half the population of the universe including many favorite heroes.

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CAPTAIN MARVEL New Trailer, New Questions

Marvel shared he second trailer and this poster for CAPTAIN MARVEL. Kree, Skrulls. 90’s Nick Fury – oh my!

Brie Larson plays Carol Danvers, a human pilot who becomes part of an alien elite team called the Starforce.

Captain Marvel courtesy Marvel

The woman will fall to Earth to discover her past, uncover alien invaders and may be the key to saving the Marvel Universe and maybe the heroes who vanished in AVENGERS INFINITY WAR.

We certainly know why Cap strikes a sweet little old lady!

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WAR OF REALMS Hits Earth in 2019

Marvel announced WAR OF THE REALMS will break out in 2019. MIGHTY THOR creative team writer Jason Aaron, artist Russell Dauterman and colorist Matt Wilson reunite for an epic event as the Thunder God’s enemy brings the battle to Earth.

War of the Realms courtesy Marvel

Malekith the Dark Elf has been battling across the Realms, now he’s coming for Midgard. Marvel’s super heroes make a final stand.

This is the next phase in story building since Aaron started writing Thor’s adventures six years ago.

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