Cosmic crime scene in the Batcave!

The Flash wasn’t fast enough to save Batman from a beat down but he’s on the case of a super villain killed and the biggest mystery of DC Rebirth in The Flash #21, The Button Part Two which leads to a time twisted family reunion.

courtesy DC Comics

DC’s greatest detectives are teaming up to solve the mystery of the bloody smiley face button found in the Batcave following Wally West’s return.

The Button led to the quick comeback and death of a major villain.

Before writer Joshua Williamson and artist Howard Porter pick up the action in the Batcave after last week’s cliffhanger, the team gives a first page shocker connected to a classic DC Comics super group missing in action. Continue reading BATMAN, THE FLASH, THE BUTTON & FLASHPOINT Reunion


The Master of Magnetism’s other mutation? Getting the X-Men to trust him again and again!

With X-Men: Blue the original Xavier students from the past reunited with Magneto as their new mentor.

Can he be trusted? (Non-Spoiler: Not)

X-Men Blue #2 courtesy Marvel

Jean Grey’s X-Men get a surprise when a classic enemy appears, Beast is hiding a dark secret and Magneto reveals his hidden agenda. Continue reading MAGNETO’S SECRET in X-MEN BLUE?

New Comic Book Picks for April 26, 2017

Batman and The Shadow?! The Flash joins the mystery of The Button. The Phoenix Force unleashed on Thor? It’s all in this week’s new comics picks of the week:

courtesy DC Comics

The Flash #21 The Button continues after the shocking cliffhanger! The Fastest Man Alive was not fast enough to stop Batman’s beat down at the fists of a classic villain in the Batcave. Bruce and Barry will team up to solve the mystery of the familiar looking bloodied smiley face button. Who is out to stop them? Have they already killed one speedster to hide the truth? Joshua Williamson picks up the mystery after Tom King’s killer first chapter. Continue reading New Comic Book Picks for April 26, 2017

MARVEL LEGACY Project & Team Revealed

Prehistoric Avengers! How is that for a tease?
Marvel Legacy is coming this Fall going into the distant past to propel the future of Marvel’s biggest heroes, many who share the same code-name.
Marvel Legacy by Joe Quesada courtesy Marvel
Marvel follows up Generations with another major event by  a star creative team. Thor, God of Thunder creative team Jason Aaron and Edad Ribic will reunite for Marvel Legacy. The 50-page one-shot coming this Fall will the start of a new initiative setting the next stage for the Marvel Universe.

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ASTONISHING X-MEN Villain, New Art Revealed

The villain that inspired the creation of the X-Men returns in the new Astonishing X-Men.

Magneto? Apocalypse? Sinister?

The Shadow King.

Writer Charles Soule revealed this psychic entity will be the first villain in the upcoming book as the X-Men ResurrXion continues.

Marvel and the writer behind Death of Wolverine shares new details and Jim Cheung art that raises a big question.

Astonishing X-Men #1 2017 courtesy Marvel

But first about our claim that The Shadow King “inspired” the X-Men: Continue reading ASTONISHING X-MEN Villain, New Art Revealed

MARVEL GENERATIONS Team-Ups, Creators, New Art Revealed

Classic Marvel icons team up with the modern day heroes who share their famous code-names. Mar-Vell, the original Wolverine, Bruce Banner – back from the dead? Two Thors fighting together? Spider-Men meet again? The Phoenix rises again?
Marvel shared new details of GENERATIONS, the ten part series that will see the return of dead heroes and legacy heroes teaming with the icons that inspired them.  Marvel revealed each issue with a title befitting the heroes who share the famous name:
Generations The Best courtesy Marvel

GENERATIONS: THE BEST starring Wolverine and All-New Wolverine by Tom Taylor and Ramon Rosanas

DC Introduces DARK MATTER, New Heroes By Superstar Teams

Dark Nights Metal courtesy DC Comics

DARK NIGHTS: METAL is just the beginning. The reunion of Batman team Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo is just the kickoff of new banner of books with superstar creative teams.

 DC Comics Publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee announced (at Chicago’s C2E2) six new DC Universe titles under the banner Dark Matter.
The projects will partner acclaimed artists with award-winning writers. Beginning this August, under the guidance of artists Greg Capullo, Andy Kubert, Jim Lee and John Romita Jr., DC will launch new titles THE SILENCER, SIDEWAYS, IMMORTAL MEN, DAMAGE, NEW CHALLENGERS, with characters from each of these series first appearing in the previously announced DARK NIGHTS: METAL.
The co-publishers say The Dark Matter comics will focus on epic graphic storytelling. Joining Capullo, Kubert, Lee and Romita Jr. to round out the all-star cast of creators are Dan Abnett, Tony S. Daniel, Dan DiDio, Justin Jordan, Kenneth Rocafort, Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV and Robert Venditti.
Here’s the breakdown of new books, creative teams and the vision for the new line:

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REDNECK: DONNY CATES Talking Texas Vampires

Vampires deep in the heart of Texas? The Bowmans serve barbecue, consume blood…but not human.

Why did this scary brood stake out territory out west and how it’s all about to go south in a bad blood feud.

Redneck #1 by Donny Cates (God Country), Lisandro Estherren and Dee Cunniffe from Skybound Comics introduces a twist on vampire horror in comic book shops this week.

Redneck courtesy Skybound Comics

Forget capes and European accents, these horrific hillbillies just want to be left alone but their secret is bleeding out. Writer Donny Cates pulls from his own haunted experiences in Texas to create a clan of bloodsuckers in a new series. Continue reading REDNECK: DONNY CATES Talking Texas Vampires