Zanadu Comics logo for their 40th Anniversary

This is personal. Very personal.

This isn’t just another comic book shop closing. This is my friendly neighborhood comic book store.

The good guys didn’t win…this time. An emotional blow in the Emerald City.

Zanadu Comics in Seattle is closing its doors after 42 years.

In The Red. Vanishing Audience. Forced Relocation. Digital Competition. These are not upcoming epic comic book events. These are just some of the reasons why a beloved Seattle shop must face economic reality and fans should take this as a warning sign about the future.

Zanadu Comics is one of the oldest and last of the “brick and mortar” comic book stores in the country. Owner Perry Plush has been champion fighting in the retail trenches and innovating to keep this haven for readers open. Not even Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne’s accounting teams could find a way out of the economic challenges for a small business owner in booming downtown Seattle.

What I really want to share is that is this not just a comic book store for so many of my fellow Zanadu customers. When I moved to the Emerald City almost 20 years ago I wanted to find a place to get my weekly comics. What I found was Zanadu just down the street – a friendly, funky haven for comic book lovers. Packed with old school nostalgia from comics past, the newest pop culture icons and indie gems – you could find everything in this store with a helpful, insightful staff. Perry, Howard, Casey, Morgan and Erin make everyone feel welcome.

Perry and Zanadu cared about the comic book community. They welcomed best-selling and up and coming creators for signings in the store. You could find all the big name books but there always a section spotlighting local writers, artists and their self-published work.

Zanadu Comics Seattle First Round Table Group 1/11/12

In an era of online chatrooms, Perry opened his doors for after hours discussions and events where all fans were welcome to share their love of diverse books. Zanadu held pop-up cons for local artists to share their work and find a bigger audience. Team Zanadu innovated with social media and online selling but still kept it personal. You could always feel a sincere love of comics from the staff, energy to talk with shoppers about what books and writers they loved and were curious about. Devoted customers supported the effort to stay open with a Go Fund Me page and sharing the Comics Should Smell Good video episodes but there were not enough of us as economic forces close in. Continue reading ZANADU COMICS Closing


The Marvel Universe is coming to the Emerald City! Celebrate Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Black Panther and hundreds more iconic heroes and villains in a major new exhibit coming to the Museum of Pop Culture.

Pow! Pages, costumes and props never seen before by the public will be on display. Seeing more than 300 original artifacts to make you exclaim, “Make Mine Marvel!” as the old school comics proclaimed.

courtesy Marvel, SC Exhibitions, MoPop. Art by Mike Allred

The new exhibition shares the Marvel story from the comic books of legends Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko to movie screens and beyond. The retrospective comes as the Marvel Cinematic Universe celebrates a decade of blockbuster movies and the arrival of AVENGER: INFINITY WAR, the grand finale of Phase Four, and ahead of the Marvel Comics 80th anniversary the following year. Continue reading MARVEL UNIVERSE OF SUPER HEROES Exhibit Coming to Seattle

What Are Those ALIENS in AGENTS OF SHIELD Season 5 Teaser?

Marvel’s AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. goes out of this world with the show returns. Classic aliens are on the attack in a new trailer.

courtesy Marvel


The action picks up after Phil Coulson and his crew were seized by mysterious men. Coulson wakes up in what looks like a prison cell in outer space.

In a new trailer via Twitter for Season 5 the Kree are back but a new monster is on the loose.

What is this creature? Continue reading What Are Those ALIENS in AGENTS OF SHIELD Season 5 Teaser?


Two X-Men who have got a raw deal in comics are breakout characters in THE GIFTED.

Thunderbird/John Proudstar died on the team’s second mission. Polaris/Lorna has been possessed, de-powered, left at the altar, gone insane and learn she’s Magneto’s daughter.

courtesy Fox and Marvel

John and Lorna (played by Blair Redford and Emma Dumont) are the power players in the new show spinning off Fox’s Marvel X-Men franchise. We learned a big part of his past and her future. Continue reading THE GIFTED X-MEN’s CHOICE & POLARIS’S New Mutants