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Caliban courtesy Marvel

Caliban courtesy Marvel

Will the X-Men go down fighting the Morlocks in X-Men: Apocalypse?

Director Bryan Singer teased a major part of mutant history via Instagram:

The director was calling the shot in a tunnel looking set with the description:

“Shooting Caliban’s place of “business” #XMen #XMenApocalypse”

In comics, the Morlocks were a group of disfigured mutants who lived in seclusion beneath the tunnels of Manhattan. This hidden tribe was named after the mutants of the future in The Time Machine by H.G. Wells.

Caliban was a timid, child-like mutant with the ability to sense track other mutants who once developed a crush and abducted Kitty Pryde but his intentions were more innocent that those of his ruthless leader Callisto. Continue reading

Top Comics Picks for May 27, 2015

Convergence #8 courtesy DC Comics

Convergence #8 courtesy DC Comics

Convergence #8 The final chapter! Survivors from across the Multiverse rally for an infinite crisis. Who will live through the cosmic battle leading to the one an only DC Comics reality?

Fight Club 2 #1 “The first rule about…” You know how it goes. Set ten years after Project Mayhem, Chuck Palahniuk teams up with Cameron Stewart and David Mack for the sequel.

Inferno #1 When demons ruled Manhattan, Magik was Darkchilde and Cyclops’s ex was the Goblin Queen! One of the X-Men’s strangest epics becomes a Secret Wars Battleworld with Colossus leading a mutant squad into this literal hell on earth in this tie-in by Dennis Hopeless. Continue reading

Back to the Future With OLD MAN LOGAN

Old Man Logan #1 courtesy Marvel

Old Man Logan #1 courtesy Marvel

You didn’t think The Wolverine would miss out on Secret Wars?

The beloved X-Man is still dead but a fan-favorite version of him returns for a highly anticipated tie-in series.

“Old Man Logan” is back in his own Warzone book.

Brian Michael Bendis and Andrea Sorrentino revisit the future world of Old Man Logan, based on the storyline by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven. The X-Man was nearly the last hero standing in a dark world conquered by super villains. In the original story the former Wolverine teamed up with a blind Hawkeye to find his daughter. Continue reading


Inferno #1 courtesy Marvel

Inferno #1 courtesy Marvel

With Secret Wars anything is possible.

Even a demon infested New York City.

After taking on Sentinels, Brotherhoods of Evil Mutants, The Brood and hate-mongering crusaders the X-Men faced pure evil in the form of a demonic invasion in Inferno.

It’s mutants vs. demons all over again as Secret Wars gives us a new Battleworld made of slices of Marvel history. Inferno takes us into this satanic Warzone by Dennis Hopeless (Avengers Arena, Spider-Woman) and Javier Garron (Cyclops.)

The story centers on the twisted Rasputin brother and sister. Illyana/Magik was raised in Limbo and her demons literally came back to haunt her. This time Colossus will rise up and lead the crusade against the invaders. Continue reading


Uncanny X-Men #600 courtesy Marvel

Uncanny X-Men #600 courtesy Marvel

Will Brian Michael Bendis reunite a fan-favorite super couple in his X-Men finale?

During a Marvel live event Bendis shared art from Old Man Logan and Uncanny X-Men #600. This milestone issue arrives in October and is the writer’s swan song on the mutant franchise.

In this page by Kris Anka, Kitty Pryde and Colossus will come face to face. After the events of Fear Itself (when Colossus became the Juggernaut) and Avengers vs X-Men (when he was possessed by the Phoenix Force) Peter Raputin and Kitty were torn apart.

Is this the moment old school fans of Kitty and Colossus have been waiting for?

Continue reading


Justice League of America #1 courtesy DC Comics

Justice League of America #1 courtesy DC Comics

When it comes to DC Comics you can’t get bigger than JLA!

DC relaunches in June with a brand new Justice League of America written and drawn by Bryan Hitch.

Watch for huge widescreen action starring the seven icons by the legendary creator. First revealed by USA Today, DC shared this massive gatefold cover to the first issue and seven variant covers all by Hitch each starring one of the seven core JLA members. Continue reading